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The Roller Coaster Ride

I actually love roller coasters the twists and turns and loop de loops... But when the ride is over you get out of that lil car attached to others and are back on solid, stable ground.

Well I still do love them, but my journey continues with some days turning into weeks or longer of thinking "this" roller coaster ride will never stop or when it stops you can't get out, you just take a break then it starts again. 

Since my last post in 2014 I relocated just outside of the city on a nice lil acreage. 

I call it my new life and I embraced it as I continued to heal from not only this dis-ease and the complications it left me with- affecting so many parts of my body but also my life, divorce and the stresses of that on top of everything else. 

I was doing good until June 2016 when I started experiencing heart racing, panic attacks, anxiety, no appetite and nausea beyond what I ever have experienced. 

Sent for scopes, unveiled that I was full of lesions from my espohagus right down to my stomach - they were surprised with the severity that I wasn't experiencing reflux and extreme heartburn - I'm thankful for that.

nope - just bloating - making it difficult to eat so toxic weight gain again "inflammation" and I can't drink my Moringa with these stomach issues. I experience spasms so severe that I have not been on my motorcycle for fear of having an attack while driving. 

My feet also started failing me, making it hard to walk in the morning upon rising - similar symptoms of MS which thus far is being diagnosed as arthritis setting into my feet, hands, fingers.

My cognitive started to improve in 2017 but I've finally accepted that I'll not be the same person I was pre-cancer. I still reverse words, numbers, dates and times and struggle with paperwork. My doctor was able to get me into the mindfulness cognitive therapy and I am so grateful as it has helped immensely for coping with stress and another natural remedy I found allowed the lesions to be healed as of Oct 2017  so I'm now ready to address my nutrition again without as much nausea. 

Blood Preasure still main concern at present. 


On on a good note .... 

I have learned to do what I can and be grateful as so many others have it much worse. I am a grammie of 2 now with another on the way. I started public speaking to inspire others to live life to the fullest and am currently working on a short story along with others in a book called Still Beautiful and am launching promotional platforms to showcase people of passion in a social network with others... 


Because the one thing I do know is

Everyone has a Story and

We can Share because we care ❤️

with gratitude




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If You Want Life To Change You Need To Take Charge

It has been so long that my life became unraveled that I neglected to keep up with this blog.

Today I provide as many positives that surfaced after my entire world changed upon being diagnosed with RCC in 2010.  Negatives were in every direction and I succumbed to thinking I would never be the same me I was again..... in fact I know I never will be - but that is a good thing after the awareness I encountered in my cancer recovery. I wanted my life back and had to really make some changes to take back charge of it.

Though I stiil fight chronic Kidney Disease and have ongoing issues, I do have to say that making some major life changes allowed me to start living a life of purpose and intention.

Post- Surgery I dwelved into trying to become healthy, Body, Mind and Spirit which sent me on a journey I'll never regret.  I was in a high stress, toxic state including a nutritional crisis and was not allowing my body to heal.  I tried everything including every shake on the market, eating greens, slicing, dicing, juicing, eating raw and clean and green ...... Still no healing - a collapse of my left lung and a new attitude towards saving myself from what seemed a hostage taking to this dis-ease, I was introduce to a man who made me tea from things of this earth which after 9 months of fluid in the lungs and ridiculous high BP both affecting my qualifty of life - I was feelingresults after 24 hours..... 

I plunked myself in front of my computer and started researching other things of the earth for detox.  I narrowed my search to chagga, phyto plankton and sour sop..... Chagga grows righ here in Alberta on our birch trees and as I looked out on the acreage to a stand I had reservations though I knew I was in trouble as I was sooooo toxic...... which tree should I pick from ?- what if the tree has a parasite ? ..... hmmmmmm maybe I should keep looking and then Wha La I heard about Moringa Olierfera and this is what has brought be back LIFE !

Unforunately through this process my marraige of  29yrs broke down, though it was on shaky ground pre-cancer it was just another stress factor that I needed to remove myself from as I was now med free excpet the biggest perscription my doctor ordered "NO STRESS" .  I started the healing process alone in March of 2013 and because of inflamation and the havoc reeked on my body head to toe I followed a simple process that has brought me to this current time and place that I can say I am finally healing - oxidative stress is being peeled off layer by layer including the hugh weight gain brought on by so many factors.

I am down 92 lbs and only 40 more to be at my pre-cancer weight , my hair has grown back, my memory is restoring and my eyesight and skin are rejuvenating, etc etc etc ....   :D

I feel the best I have ever felt in over 5 years ! Praise God for putting that tree on the planet and to Zija International for taking it serious to make it taste good and smell good that we would want to drink it for the huge nutritional benefits allowing the live enzyme to give our bodies what is needs to do what it was designed to do ...self-correct as we Drink Life In !  My doctor has monitored my progress and has used the words amazed, astounded and is very happy with the evidence at hand that my body on a cellular level is finally healing.

My 3 sons are starting to recognize the mom they knew and missed by I also am recognizing that person and I sure missed her.

I got a call from the doctors today that something was found on my last test results but the way I feel I am not worried.

I will post again once I find out the results.


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So good to hear your update, my husband also has a "Chronic cancer" NHL Follicular cancer and finally will be seeing the specialists at the Cross early in December. I have added you as a friend as being from the same area and you having a chronic cancer are things we have in common. Good luck and I will be following your journey Hugs
rollerFetching more entries....

Vital Info


May 21, 2011

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada AB

January 18, 1966

Cancer Info

Kidney Cancer

Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma

October 15, 2010

Stage 1

2.1 - 3.0 cm

Grade 1




I can't control this.

To slow down and enjoy living.

Just be themselves.

Memory Loss, Lower Back Pain, Night Sweats, Fatigue, Confusion, Water Retention, Bloating, Toxicity Weight Gain - RCC Discovered during ultrasound for doctors theory of me having PCOS - due to my symptoms. CT Scan confirmed suspected RCC and 4 nodes on left lower lobe of lung.


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